Coveting Coffee Perfection

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As I prepare my morning cup of nature’s great elixer, I find myself longing for a state-of-the-art espresso machine. My little, black Krups Duomo gets the job done, but it’s a miniature donkey in a world of sleek racehorses. Whatever machinery lies under the plastic shell strives valiantly to produce an economical version of great espresso. It shlushes and shlurps as it pushes coffee out, forming a temporary coffee bubble ring around the small cup. This “foam” does not last, and as the bubbles quickly disappear, so does my dream of a tawny, frothy, true crema.

I think about the best cup of coffee I’ve ever had. A friend introduced me to a trendy little coffee bar in Salem called Archive. I ordered a latte, and it was delivered with the requisite artistic rendering of something in the foam. What I remember most, though, is that crema tantalizing my tastebuds, delicious and smooth. Oh, how many mornings I’ve longed for that cup of coffee.

It’s not something my hard-working Krups could ever produce.

I yearn for a stainless-steel beauty to grace my countertop, gleaming and winking a profound good morning, its nozzles and tubes lending a steampunk addition to the already eclectic decorating scheme, with a winking digital display promising a first-rate start to the day. Peeling back the burnished cover, the state of the art engineering would reveal itself – insulated double boilers, copper tubing, electronic parts, perfectly aligned and ready to go to work, all pledging to deliver the best cup of coffee, and all on my kitchen counter. A heady crema would be mine to enjoy every day! And with a double boiler promising a quick pitcher of frothed milk, just think of all the foam art I could create!

But alas, it’s time to wake up and smell the coffee. Krups Duomo, fear not. Unless I win the Powerball lottery, you are safely ensconced in your place of honor on the kitchen counter.

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In response to The Daily Post prompt: Tell us about the one luxury item you wish you could afford, in as much detail as you can. Paint a picture for us.


Ode to Coffee.


Oh, magic bean, far from your tropical home,

Child of the glossy-leafed tree that sits at the knees of giants,

Sheltered in the mist of the tropical canopy.

In my kitchen cupboard you wait, vacuum sealed,

Teasing and calling me through my slumber.


Oh patient bean, how skilled hands cradled your cherry-red youth,

Through your many iterations and metamorphoses from plant to store,

Lovingly bathed and set out to dry, soaking in the rays of the equatorial sun,

Before entering the sauna, where you danced a blistering tango, never stopping,

As you entered the sunset of your life.


Oh mighty bean, your small size belies your humble strength and power

To lift even the heaviest lid and awaken the most somnolent spirit,

Mighty warrior, you gird yourself in fluid zeal, giving chase to lethargy and torpor,

Fighting fatigue with the sharpness of your liquid sword.

Slashing through the dream curtain and illuminating the mind.

Oh, small brown bean, how your aroma beckons!

With great fanfare, the grinder accepts your willing sacrifice.

Purified in a scorching deluge, you are transformed,

Your mellow, nutty spirit released at last to ride the currents of air,

Causing even those who eschew you to take note.

Oh bean transformed, welcome to my cup!

My eager hands embrace your profound warmth.

Your spicy bouquet tantalizes the burgeoning senses,

As your heady warmth and mellowness revive the psyche.

With smile and grateful spirit I accept your promise for a fruitful day.


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In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Forward Drive.” What is the one thing that drives you to wake up in the morning and do whatever it is you do? Is it writing, family, friends, or something else entirely?