Just Do It

Determination set in steel.
Decision making – this is real.
The first step is to take the leap.
Your destiny is yours to keep.
In a world of opportunity
Sometimes the road is hard to see.
Second thoughts may hold you back;
Go ahead and choose a path;
You alone can make the choice.
Stake your claim.
Find your voice.
Enter the ring, though you may fail.
Have hope the wind will catch your sail.
Live your passion.
Find your bliss.
Shoot for the moon,
Though you may miss.
The stars are there to break your fall,
So go ahead, give it your all.


Photo credit: Philip Michael Wilson via Foter.com / CC BY-NC-SA

I’ll have a burger with mayo and cheese,
Tomatoes and peppers, but no relish please.
Finely chopped pickles create such a mess,
Is it sweet, hot, or dill?
Please don’t make me guess.
A big kosher dill?
Sure. Give me a slice,
And I’ll eat up that burger without thinking twice.